Monday, November 28, 2016

Making Pom Poms!

Have you ever made pom poms using a pom pom maker?  It is really fun and easy to do!

Mommy bought a bunch of pom pom makers from Jo Ann's so that we could all make pom poms.

All you need to do is pick your favorite color yarn and wrap it around half of the maker.  When that is full of yarn you close it and wrap yarn around the second half.

Then you cut through the middle of the loop following the guide lines of the maker.  Then you tie a knot around the middle of the cut ends.

The pom pom maker opens easily and out pops a cute pom pom!

We made a bunch of cute pom poms of all different sizes.

Then mommy went crazy and made a whole bunch of pom poms using Christmas colors and hot glued them to a wreath!

The makers sure make better pom poms then using cardboard or forks which we have tried before. 

Look out for more pom poms in the future!!

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