Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Fall Acorn Necklaces From Start to Finish

Today we made beautiful Fall Acorn Necklaces!

We got the idea from Rhythms of Play and thought they were so pretty that we wanted to give it a try!

So yesterday we went on a nature hike and gathered acorn caps.

 We brought along some marbles to make sure they would fit inside the acorn caps since acorn caps come in a variety of sizes!

The next step was to drill two holes in each acorn cap.  

Then we measured the hemp cord (about 32") and threaded it through the two holes.

We tied granny knots with the cord inside the caps.

After that we went to the hot glue and filled the caps with glue.  
Then we shoved the marbled into the plop of glue.
Ta-da!  The beautiful necklaces were completed!