Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween Costumes!

Happy Halloween!

In an earlier post we showed how we made our skirts.  A few days ago we made our shirts.  And today we put our costumes all together!

For Angel's pirate shirt, we found a cute skull and crossbones to copy and cut out.  Then we pinned it onto some white flannel and cut it out.

Then we pinned it to a black shirt and sewed it on.

For Shelli's Lilo shirt, we found an Hawaiian leaf to cut out of three different colored flannel.

Then we sewed it onto a pink shirt.

Today we put it all together.

Angel had her pirate shirt, skirt and some black and white leggings.  She wore her tall boots and put on a red handkerchief over her hair.  She looks great!

Shelli put on her Lilo leaf shirt, some orange leggings, her cute skirt, flower sandals, a pink lei, and held the Stitch they just got from Disneyland.

A few days ago, Angel and Shelli made me a witch's hat. 

I wanted to be a witch but couldn't find a hat I liked so they made me one!  They are so thoughtful!

The witch is all set for tonight!!


  1. The girls did a Great Job with the costumes and so unique to each one. Love the colors you picked. So cute! Great Job!!!